Global Technology Company

Supply Chain Planning

Client Profile
  • Global leader in Artificial Intelligence (AI) Computing as a designer and manufacturer of Graphics Processing Units (GPU).
  • Cutting-edge products designed for data science, high performance computing, and innovations for mobile computing and automotive.
  • Total revenue exceeded $25 Billion (USD) in 2023.
  • Supply chain operations were managed on a local level and lacked standardization across the company.
  • Production fulfillment processes were inefficient; data and information were siloed, and not actively shared among systems and teams.
  • Worked with multiple teams to facilitate the model build and adoption.
  • Utilized The Anaplan Way implementation methodology.
  • Adhered to industry-leading Anaplan model building standards (PLANS & DISCO).
  • Delivered regular model build updates to the user and stakeholders to solicit frequent feedback.
  • Simplified the calculation methodology across the organization.
  • Solution implementation integrated supply chain planning with high level business goals.
  • Drove collaboration across planning teams.

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