Global Telecom Company

Product Profitability & EBITDA

Client Profile
  • Leading provider of communications, technology, information and entertainment products and services to businesses, consumers and government entities.
  • Offering includes wireless communications services, corporate networking solutions, data center/ cloud services and local/ long-distance voice services.
  • Company’s 110,000+ employees support operations in more than 150 countries.
  • Total revenue exceeded $130 Billion (USD) in 2023.
  • Lacked visibility into the profitability of their individual products and services.​
  • Complex and siloed lines of business posed a high risk of cannibalization of revenue.​
  • Inability to easily report EBITDA margin/ profitability at divisional, business unit and product levels.​
  • Company-wide reporting on KPIs was time-consuming, requiring extensive coordination.
  • Assisted vendor with EPM product selection (Anaplan).​
  • Utilized The Anaplan Way implementation methodology.​
  • Adhered to industry-leading Anaplan model building standards (PLANS & DISCO).
  • Delivered sustainable and flexible architecture, promoting efficient planning and action-oriented reporting while accommodating constant business change.​
  • Source system data was synchronized with Anaplan via seamless integration.​
  • Hierarchies and source data were automatically maintained, providing a “single source of truth” for products, customers, and telematics.​
  • Standardized processes were implemented, breaking down silos and encouraging collaboration across the organization.​
  • Anaplan provided the client with on-demand, valuable, up-to-date reports at the level of detail needed.

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