Global Spirits Company

Pricing Strategy Modeling

Client Profile

·       Multinational privately held spirits company offering more than 200 brands and labels.

·       Subject to complex industry regulations which vary by country and state.

·       Total revenues exceeded $4.5 Billion in 2022.


·       Lacked visibility into product level profit allocations.

·       Pricing strategy was inconsistent and less than profitable because of a lack of knowledge of the local environment. Distributors had an edge in negotiations.

·       Client needed greater visibility at the company level. 

·       Client data was not being used effectively to improve decision-making.



·       Solution implementation focused on aligning pricing strategies with corporate goals.

·       Utilized The Anaplan Way implementation methodology.

·       Adhered to industry-leading Anaplan model building standards (PLANS & DISCO).

·       Implemented Change Management policies and practices to achieve high user adoption.

·       Delivered sustainable and flexible architecture, promoting cost reporting and what-if scenario planning.



·       Built an intuitive and functional user interface.

·       Delivered a what-if modeling tool based on client-specified drivers that quickly calculated and reported profitability at the country and state levels.

·       Scenarios accommodated vast regulatory complexity at the most granular levels of the business.